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Things To Carry In Your Wallet

Have you ever noticed how many different things women tend to keep in their purses? At any given time, your girlfriend may be carrying around 35 items over her shoulder. The typical man, however, does not have the luxury of toting everything but the kitchen sink around with him in a huge purse. We must exercise discretion when determining what to take with us on a daily basis in our wallets.

Why not carry around a wallet that is 4 inches fat and stuffed to the gills with items? Well, most importantly, this puts a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your pants. With a bulky wallet constantly pushing out on your back pocket, before you know it you will start to see a telltale threadbare wallet-shaped mark on your pocket. If you take the time to select a fashionable outfit of a polo shirt, plaid tie, necktie accessories, sport jacket, and dress trousers, you most certainly don't want to ruin it by having a ridiculous square shaped patch on the back of your pants. Surprisingly, sitting on a huge wallet can also affect your posture and cause back pain because you are out of alignment. And on a very practical level, won't it be nice to not have to fumble through a huge pile of stuff every time you need something?

The essentials that every guy should carry in his wallet include:

1. At least $20:
With credit and debit cards being what they are, it is not uncommon for people to no longer carry cash. But you should always have an emergency stash of at least $20 in your wallet. This way you will be prepared if you need to give an unexpected tip, chip in for a group gift at work, or get a cab home.

2. At least 1 business card:
You should never be without your business card in public. Networking opportunities are everywhere, if you look for them.

3. A photo ID:
Most of us always carry a some sort of photo ID. It is definitely something you should never be without.

4. A spare car key:
It can save you a lot of money if you can avoid calling AAA to pop open your car lock for you. One single key is small enough to be tucked away into your wallet. If you think you'd be better off with a spare house key, choose that instead.

5. One credit card:
If you have multiple credit cards, carry only one with you, and leave the rest at home in a safe place. This way, you are much better off if your wallet gets lost or stolen. Plus, you are less likely to spend frivolously.

6. A small golf-sized pencil:
I know that we just program almost all information we need to remember into our phones nowadays. But it is no bad thing to try to be a little less dependent on a battery operated device. Plus, if you want to discreetly slip your phone number to someone, well you can't do that with your phone, now can you?

All of the other things that you consider to be "essentials" can be kept in another location. For example, your lawyer's business card and your auto insurance card can be kept in your car's glove compartment, in case you get in a fender bender. All of the dozens of discount cards you receive at grocery stores and retail chains can be kept at home until you visit that store. Or, simply ask a store employee if you can receive the discount by entering your phone number into their system, rather than scanning your card.

Overall, slimming down your wallet has many benefits. It will put less wear on the back pocket of your trousers and allow to sit so that your posture is not altered. When you wear a suit and tuck the wallet into your inside jacket pocket, it will allow the jacket to drape correctly. Plus, it puts you at less risk of danger in the case that your wallet is lost or stolen.


Protecting Your Wallet and Handbag

Your wallet probably holds access to your most private financial data, in the form of debit cards and credit cards, along with plenty of other personal details, contained in the various forms of ID you might keep there. If your wallet or purse are lost or stolen, this can have grave consequences. Along with a thief cleaning out your accounts, you also have to deal with the hassle of replacing everything you had in the wallet.

One important fact to realize is that if somebody was to steal a wallet, they could rack up a large sum of money before your banks realize what had happened. Today, many people have fraud protection through their bank, but while this protection is essential, it is not perfect. What if you left your social security card inside? What if you have more than one credit card in there? Even if the bank is willing to replace the money spent by the thief, the consequences of a lost wallet are more than financial.

Despite this hassle, most people leave their wallets relatively unprotected for large portions of the day. Do you carry yours in a back pocket, jacket, or even a gym bag? Do you ever leave it in a locker or in your car? There are steps you can take to make sure your life won't freeze in the instant your wallet is taken.

First, make photocopies of the front and back sides of each card in the wallet. That way, if they are ever stolen, you'll have the information you need to get them canceled or replaced quickly. This includes not only credit cards and IDs but also gym memberships and other cards you might keep in your wallet on a daily basis. Be sure to keep the copies themselves in a safe place - such as a locked safe in your home - so that the copies themselves don't pose an identity theft risk.

Now, clean out your wallet. Many people carry far too many cards in their wallet. How many do you really need on a daily basis? If you're carrying around more than one or two bank cards, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Carry only the necessities, and even fewer cards if you're going somewhere that you perceive to be more dangerous than usual. Many people go the additional step of carrying a debit card that's only tied to one of their accounts - keeping most of their savings in another account - to limit the amount a thief would be able to access. Consider writing "SEE ID" next to your signature on the back of your credit card. Though many cashiers do ignore this, it does have a chance of stopping the thief quickly.

If your wallet is ever stolen, act quickly to minimize the damage done. Banks will only freeze your account if they know something shady is going on. Call them immediately to alert them to the lost or stolen card, so that a thief doesn't have a chance to rack up thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions. If both your wallet and keys have been stolen, change your house locks immediately. The cards in your wallet provide a thief with your address, and your keys will allow them to walk right in through the front door, unless you change the locks.


Views On How To Buy The Ultimate Slim Leather Wallet For Men

Men's wallets are as important to them as a bags are to ladies. Not only do they want them to be useful and well made, but they need to be stylish as well. After all, he will be the one taking that wallet out on a regular basis. The following are tips for buying the perfect slim leather wallet for men.

When buying a leather wallet for a man, you want to buy a wallet that will match his personality. Consider what he is like as a person. If he is extremely organized, then choose a wallet that will suit this characteristic in him. This is one of the items that he will consider as being his most personal.

There are many different types of men's wallets available, but one of the most important factors is that it should be thin whichever type you choose. He may like the original billfold style that allows you to carry everything; money, cards, and photos. Or maybe he is the kind of guy that only wants to carry the bare minimum of cash, there are money clip wallets available for that as well. All of these wallets are available in many different colors, so you can choose his favorite.

Perhaps your fellow likes his wallet a little more sophisticated and in that case he may like a longer slim breast wallet. There is ample room for everything inside. Plenty of card slots and room for cash, and room for plenty more as well. It is available in all his favorite colors of leather, so you may have a difficult time in choosing.

There are thin travel wallets available that include a passport cover. These attractive wallets come in several different colors you can choose from. You can also look into purchasing thin credit card covers.

You should have no trouble choosing what type of gift you want to get for your fellow next holiday or birthday. He can always appreciate something great looking and useful. Everything on this list will fit into both of those categories.


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